The University Council praises the efforts of the "Decent Life" initiative and invites students to participate in it and organize visits to major national projects



Today, Tuesday, 25/10/2022 AD, the University Council, President of the University, held its monthly session in the council hall to discuss a number of issues related to the educational and research process, and to review the developments and topics presented to the council. This came in the presence of Major General Gamal Nour El-Din, Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh. Mohamed Abdel-Al, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Deans of Faculties, and Counselor Abdullah Ghallab, the University’s Legal Adviser and Secretary General of the University, Dr. Ali Sabry.

The President of the University began the meeting by welcoming Major General Gamal Nour El-Din, Governor of Kafr El-Sheikh, to the university campus, expressing his thanks and appreciation for his support of the university’s demands and efforts in the comprehensive development of the governorate, in implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic.