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Today Tuseday 13/2/2018 Prof. Dr. Maged ElKemary Kafrelsheikh University president had a meeting with academic Staff and assistants of four faculties who are affiliated to medical sector i.e. Faculty of medicine, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Nursing & Faculty of Dentistry. Through this meeting H.E. did a presentation clarifying university situation in the past, present & its future aspiration; consequently, he said that in spite of the difficult conditions & situation where the country was suffering from Security and political instability; we managed to get up at the university;  where among these challenges facing the university the infrastructure, the incomplete facilities; the poor financial facilities & non -improvement and deadlock of academic regulations ,  the shortage of faculty members; and the shortage of overseas students who can be enrolled at Kafrelsheikh University , in addition to limitation of Students hostel  to accommodate  large number of students , limitation of scientific researches ; faculties’ inability to get accreditation according to National Academic Standards;  and the need for conservative education for many colleges associated with the community as well.      

 Therefore & for these reasons several colleges have been established to serve the community, especially the medical sector’ i.e. the colleges of which considered the   nucleus    of medical system; as well as the dream of Kafrelsheikh governorate  people of  construction &  establishment of university hospital becomes real .

Also & on his massage , Elkemary extends his special thanks to all deans, and all employees who participated and provide their  cooperation for completion & equipping the hospital pointing out the health system at the university almost ended; on which and at the same time the construction of Emergency university  hospital begins & in its process side in side with construction of specialized medical centers within the university medical campus. Also, he urged and motivate the faculty members to do all their efforts and pursuit of  scientific excellence to achieve international leadership 

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