"Violence against Parents" Religious Symposium at the Faculty of Sportive Education


Under the patronage of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the Faculty of Sportive Education witnesses today Monday 20/03/2017 a religious symposium entitled "violence against parents" in continuation of the events of religious symposiums at Kafrelsheikh University organized by the Directorate of Awqaf in coordination of community service and environment development sector to educate the youth about the correction of Islam and to clarify the misconceptions and blunders.

As well, the Sheikh Mahmoud el Shall stresses that the youth are pillar of the nation as this period of life for man is the most important one as it is the period of power and production and the youth should be well aware of the status and value of parents in the community, what are their rights on us so that we can see youth on the moral and societal responsibility.

Otherwise, the Sheikh Mustafa Safaan adds that one of the reasons of violence against parents is due to family factors as a result of disintegration of the family, excessive pampering, lack of family follow-up of children, the economic condition of the family as well as bad friends and unemployment and lack of work pushes the youth for emptying their energies in violence and for the remedy of violence, we should return to the ethics of Islam and the choice of the good friend as well as the family should be in coherence and cohesion.


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