Symposium "Together Against Corruption"

Under the patronage of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the Faculty of Education holds today Monday 20/03/2017 a symposium "together against corruption" in continuation of the educational program to spread the values of integrity, transparency and awareness of corruption dangers in cooperation with Administrative Control Authority.

As well, the seminar discusses the concept of corruption and its causes. Corruption, its general concept, means the exploitation of authorities and the abuse of official authority granted for him/her in the field of public money or authority or negligence in the application of the system and all that will harm the public interest and maximize the personal interest. One of the causes of corruption is the weakness of civil society institutions, weakness of application of systems and lack of transparency and clarification of citizens' rights and duties as well as behavior, customs, traditions and social heritage and also what happens in society of disasters and crises that create destructive effects on society of poverty and need and sometimes behavior contrary to the principles of good society.

The seminar discusses the ways of dealing with corruption based on (the application of strategies against corruption, enactment regulations, legislations, laws and transparency, strict sanctions against violators, the awareness of citizens for this dangerous phenomena, its repercussions and its effect on society, their ethics and role in reporting about cases of corruption. Our doctrine fights this phenomena and criminalize it and it is necessary to put deterrent sanctions and penalties to reduce this phenomena and they should be announced and available for all.