The Importance of Statistics in Economic and Social Development


Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the Faculty of Commerce witnesses today Wednesday 30/11/2016 a symposium to spread the statistical awareness entitled “the importance of statistics in economic and social development in cooperation with Packaging and Statistics Authority and in coordination with community service and environment development sector.

As well, the symposium is discoursed by the Major General Tarek Mahmoud Saad Allah, the head of Central Department; the manager of statistical awareness and Mrs Doaa Eid Ahmed, the specialist of statistical information systems.

Otherwise, the Major General Tarek Mahmoud Saad Allah stresses the importance of dissemination of statistical awareness and the role of statistics in economic and social development and Mrs Ibstam Ahmed Halbi adds how to link regional solidarity and structural transformation to sustainable development.

Mrs Doaa Eid Ahmed expresses her happiness in giant educational edifice such as Kafrelsheikh University and praises the extent of cultural awareness of the students and their ability to participate and interact positively in such a seminar.

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