Scientific Degrees and Promotions for Staff Members

The university council under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary agrees on Tuesday 27/6/2016 in its monthly session to grant degrees and promotions for staff members in different faculties in the presence of the vice president for post-graduation studies and research Prof Dr el Saied Hegazy; the vice president for community service and environment development Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa; Dr Abed el Raziq Dousouky, the vice president of education and students’ affairs, Mr Abed Allah Gad, Kafrelsheikh University Secretary-General and the deans.

·         The council agrees to grant PhD for six researchers:

1)      Dr Abed el Aziz Mohamed Mahmoud el Saied Tahoon, the Faculty of Agriculture

2)      Dr Eman Mohamed Abed Allah Balih, the Faculty of Agriculture

3)      Dr Mohamed Khatab Abed el Ghafar el Ghannam, the Faculty of Agriculture

4)      Dr el Saied Abed el Sami Hasan Ahmed, the Faculty of Education

5)      Dr Arafah Ahmed Abed el Sami el Mansi, the Faculty of Education

6)      Dr Walid Ismail Abed el Gawad, the Faculty of Science


·         The council agrees to grant Master’s Degree for 16 researchers:

1)      Alaa Farag Ahmed Kalbosh, the Faculty of Agriculture

2)      Mohamed Ragab el Saied Hasan, the Faculty of Agriculture

3)      Rasha Mamdouh Mohamed Mahmoud Dawood, the Faculty of Agriculture

4)      Rana Abed el Tawab Mohamed el Issawy, the Faculty of Agriculture

5)      Eman Ibrahim Abed el Monaim Badawy, the Faculty of Agriculture

6)      Simon Anis Saeed Farag, the Faculty of Education

7)      Ahmed Abed el Atti Talha, the Faculty of Education

8)      Nani Mosaad Ahmed el Bakly, the Faculty of Education

9)      Zainab Fawzy Mohamed Hamouda, the Faculty of Education

10)  Almo'tassem Billah Fawzy Amin el Gindy, the Faculty of Education

11)  Mai Ali Mohamed el Shafae, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

12)  Nagla Fathi el Gharib Abed Allah, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

13)  Mohamed Mosa Abed Allah Sultan, the Faculty of Commerce

14)  Faris Yasin Shibl Abed el Gaffar, the Faculty of Sportive Education

15)  Samir Ezzat Abed el Aziz Baidair, the Faculty of Arts

16)  Abed el Mageed Mahmous Abed el Mageed el Saied, the Faculty of Arts.


·         The council agrees to appoint the following in the position of assistant professor for:

1)      Dr Aziza Suliman el Kholy, the Faculty of Science

2)      Dr Naglaa Abed el Magid Abed el Satar, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


·         The council agrees to appoint the following in the position of lecturer:

1)      Dr Mustafa Samir Ragab Saad Allah, the Faculty of Agriculture

2)      Dr Shaimaa Ahmed Mohamed el Saied, the Faculty of Dentistry

3)      Dr Walid Ali Hamid el Amrousi, the Faculty of Dentistry


·         The council agrees to appoint the following in the position of professor:

1)      Dr Mohamed Hilmi el Saied el Badi, the Faculty of Arts

2)      Dr Mohamed Yahia Abed el Wahab Akal, the Faculty of Arts