The Role of Youth in the Service of the Homeland

Kafrelsheikh University organizes a religious symposium in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on Monday 18/4/2016 entitled “the role of youth in the service of homeland and Islam morals” as a complement to a series of preaching convoys and religious guidance organized by the ministry of Awqaf in cooperation with community development and environment development affairs sector under the patronage of the Minister of Awqaf Prof Dr Mohamed Mokhtar and the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary.

As well, the Sheikh Shoaib Sakr, Imam and preacher at the Ministry of Awqaf, spoke about the role of youth in the service of homeland and Islam morals by which our students should possess in the service of their home and issues of their nations, taking into account the manners of difference especially with non-Muslims of other religions and the need to be away from violent groups that distort the image of tolerant Islam far from violence, vandalism, abuse and the need for armament with science as it is the way of nation renaissance.

Otherwise, the Sheikh Abed el Hai Sarhan, Imam and Preacher at the Ministry of Awqaf, stresses the necessity to possess the morals of our religion, deepen more in it and walk on the footsteps of our beloved Mohamed (peace be upon him) and be commitment to what our prophet commands and forbids us and the teachings of Islam calls for tolerance, compassion and brotherhood.