Smart Campus Initiative for Electronic University

Kafrelsheikh University council agrees under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary to start activating smart campus initiative through adopting the university for modern systems to gain access to E-University that aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of academic and administrative activities for the university as well as strengthen the management decision-making through access to required information directly.

As well, he stated that the Faculty of Computer and Information will begin to develop the university services to be paperless university to activate the electronic trading represented in electronic registration for admitted students in different programs of the faculties without documents, establish an integrated electronic system for electronic correspondence and archiving working on archiving the documents electronically as well as electronic system of meetings management as meetings of university council, faculties councils and the emerging council as well as activating the applications of student services through mobile working on providing results, exams schedule and different activities electronically through mobile phone.