The President Decisions during the Deans Council


The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary meets with the deans of Kafrelsheikh University faculties which reaches 16 during Deans council meeting on Monday 14/12/2015.

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary stresses the need for the completion of the preparations for the exams of the first term, announcing the exams schedules, the formation of controls committees in all faculties as well as preparation for the reception of the second term, equipping educational materials and study plans and preparation for week of student housing youth in the university and the supreme council of universities agrees to allow Kafrelsheikh University to host this week in its council yesterday.

As well, he congratulates the Faculty of Engineering because of the approval of the supreme council of universities for starting the study in Communication Engineering Program which id the third new study program within two years as well as post-graduation program in the Faculty of Engineering this year.

He stresses the need for the development of human resources, adoption plans and policies for administrative reforms and the development of institutional performance through reconsidering administrative, organizational and financial regulations

Finally, he stresses the need for the development of performance of Kafrelsheikh University center for foreign languages and translation through the development of new educational and training program in the field of research, training and community service as well as increasing publication in the fields of science.


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