Kafrelsheikh University Host the Editor in Chief of Rose El Youssef

Kafrelsheikh University held on Thursday seminar entitled “the role of media and youth in parliamentary elections” in the Faculty of Sportive Education in the presence of the journalist Abed el Gawad, the Editor in Chief of Rose El Youssef; the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary; the vice president for community service and environment development Prof Dr Ali Abu Shoshaa; Dr Ashraf Abada, the dean of the Faculty of Sportive Education and Dr Sheriff Ali Taha, the vice dean of the Faculty of Sportive Education of Education and students ‘affairs.

As well, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary assures the importance of participation in parliamentary elections and vote freely and transparently to choose the best personalities who represent the people in the parliament pointing out that Egypt is targeted and all Arab countries to implement new Middle East through what is known as the wars of fourth generation.

In a related context, the journalist Abed el Gawad explains that the media and government are delinquent with youth pointing out that we need to media attention for luminous models of outstanding youth and talented people in all fields.

As well, he stressed the importance of the next parliament to Egypt especially in the deeds of supervision and legislation pointing out that we have crisis of legislation and we have legislation since 1950 that need to change and laws to penalize negligent officials

The president and Editor in Chief do a survey to the Faculties of Sportive Education, Medicine, Fisheries and university hospital, Nanotechnology and Laser labs in the Faculty of Science and green spaces in the university which contributes to make Kafrelsheikh University occupying the first level on the level of Egyptian universities as environmentally Friend University.

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