Deans Council

Deans Council

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary during the deans’ council thanks the following:

1)      Ismailia Governor the Major General Yasin Taher for his positive attitudes and the support of Kafrelsheikh University

2)      Students and administrative persons in student housing for their efforts and performance in the celebration of Kafrelsheikh University on the occasion of the opening of the new branch of Suez Canal

3)      Masr el Kheir for its contribution in furnishing one of residential building of students

4)      Committee organized for international conference of student services at Kafrelsheikh University on the success of the conference.


·         The council discusses the following:

1)      What after the opening of new branch of Suez Canal and the role of university in developing it? How to benefit from positive energy and impetus achieved from the establishment of new branch of Suez Canal

2)      The ways to reform and restore ethics among staff members in the university

3)      Optimize the benefit from available and wasted resources such as central auditoriums in university management building (under construction) and some administrative offices to contribute to increase the beneficiaries of the university possibilities.

4)      Preparing for the opening ceremony of the new faculties’’ building commensurate with the size of the unprecedented achievement.

5)      Criminalization of possessing documents, new and false information with the aim of defamation or insult or slander in the right of someone

6)      The way to overcome the weakness of marketing university outputs and the definition of its possibilities

7)      Preparing to receive delegation of leadership development institute at Kafrelsheikh University

8)      The preparation for the new academic year in the faculties and managements of university:

A)    The distribution of students on study programs according to the desire of the student taking into account the possibility of departments

B)    Preparing program for seminars and meetings for political and religious awareness over the level of university and the faculties through specialists in this area

C)    The emphasis on the prohibition of the exercise of any partisan or ideological activities within the university to contribute to begin new stable academic year

D)    Preparing Academic Guidance Manual and students’ guide to guide and educate new students and register curriculums including student activities and services as well as the definition of the faculty and its departments and the emphasis of the importance of commitment of student to norms and university traditions

E)     Preparing study rooms and equipping them with means of display.

F)     Providing student labs with lab experiments, chemicals and raw materials necessary for the operation

G)    Preparing schedules for all study programs

H)    Creating awareness groups of old student to direct new students and introduce them to the places of auditoriums, study rooms, labs, library, student affairs office, treasury and academic departments

I)       Student affairs receive new student and simplify the procedures special for files of students and register their wishes to join the different departments.