Tomorrow the Launch of Events of the Cultural Forum to Support University Hospital

The events of the cultural forum will launch tomorrow 2/8/2015 to support university hospital at Kafrelsheikh University in the presence of many delegations of professional associations such as association of medicines, pharmacists, bar and musical professions as well as the elite group of artists, led by the artist Hany Shaker, the actress Nadia Mustafa and the artist Arkan Fouad

As well, Kafrelsheikh University seeks under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary to provide integrated health care for the sons of Kafrelsheikh province and neighboring provinces through establishing and equipping the Faculty of Medicine as well as university hospital of global standard specifications to be expertise house to provide human cadres for the promotion of health care inside the region.

It is worth mentioning that university hospital includes 400 beds and 13 operating rooms by the system of capsules equipped for organ transplants and heart surgery as well as 43 beds of intensive care of full insulation systems in order to avoid transmission of infection, and the wing of the rays which contain advanced X-ray equipment in addition to a suite of analysis laboratories and blood transfusion and dialysis equipment and 15 Houdan for newborn babies in addition to the Department of Ophthalmology and cardiothoracic surgery.

The hospital includes three birth operations to cover the deficit, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, urinary tract and different departments as well as emergency department. The hospital also includes 14 outpatient clinics and it is built by the system of two wings of high 6 floors as well as ground floor and it is about to be equipped with the latest devices such as MRI (3 Tesla), CT scan of 640 sections, an early detection of breast cancer and a lithotripsy devices, dialysis and Houdan, eyes and endoscopy devices and otherwise devices according to the specifications of international quality.

As well, it was announced to complete the necessary medical cadres to run the hospital as well as the transfer of staff members from other universities and medical staff will be trained on the latest systems of treatment through sending them in external mission of university hospital in advanced countries.

It is known that Kafrelshiekh province occupies the first place in the prevalence of chronic diseases such as epidemic virus C and cancer diseases and in spite of this, the province occupies the last place in the proportion of patients to the number of families which amounts 105 patients per bed and the health services are modest and inadequate, so medical city was established at Kafrelsheikh University and the first stage consists of fife medical faculties, hospital for students and Outpatient clinics for physiotherapy as well as university hospital with a capacity of 400 beds. On the belief of the role of university in presenting distinguished medical service, so future vision for university leadership seeks to establish medical city through the expansion in establishing specialized medical centers such as heart center, motherhood and childhood center, emergency hospital next to university hospital.