The Faculty of Physiotherapy aims to help graduate professional physiotherapists to meet the needs and gain the trust of the local, regional and global labor market through a set of sub-goals. These include:

1.    Develop academic programs and courses to meet the requirements of the local, regional and global labor market.

2.    Adopt educational skill-oriented programs and courses.

3.    Boost students’ self-learning and teamwork.

4.    Invest in IT to digitize FPT’s systems for excellence in education, research and advising.

5.    Implement QA programs to improve education, research and community service for accreditation.

6.    Develop a scientific research strategy to meet the needs of the end user and community.

7.    Advise the community in all physiotherapy areas.

8.    Encourage local and international cooperation agreements to promote education and research systems.

9.    Foster cooperation between research teams to use the University’s and FPT’s assets and resources.

10.Hone students’ skills by embracing modern teaching and learning strategies and encourage continuing education.


11.Make effective partnerships in the health system by giving advice to local and regional agencies by professional staff.