Student Housing

- University cities are one of the university's important facilities, and it is responsible for providing distinguished, subsidized service to a group of the finest male and female students in all colleges and is divided into:

First: University cities are students

It consists of two residential units, with a total capacity of 792 students.

Second: university cities female students:

It consists of four housing units with a total capacity of 2,200 students.

Third: the restaurant:

It consists of three floors:

Ground floor (kitchen to cook and prepare food)

First floor upstairs (a restaurant with a capacity of 350 students)

Upper second floor (a restaurant with a capacity of 350 students)

And university cities are unique with a set of features as follows: -

·       A privileged location among the eight faculties of the university at the entrance to Kafrelsheikh  governorate on the main road of Kafrelsheikh - Tanta

·       It is surrounded by high walls that separate them from external influences, to provide safety for those who live in it.

·       Equipped with an internal concrete road network linking its residential units and various facilities at the highest level.

·       Equipped with a special ambulance to serve its children overnight in anticipation of any emergency

·       Equipped with a night lighting network that represents a radiating and civilized interface at the entrance to the governorate, as well as electricity generating units in anticipation of sudden power outages.

·       They have mosques to serve their children, and on Fridays, an elite of the people of the da'wa will lead them in Kafrelsheikh.

·       University cities in Kafrelsheikh are equipped with water coolers in sufficient numbers and also equipped with sufficient numbers of water heaters.

·       Equipped with internal sales outlets, providing students with office needs, drinks and all their personal needs.

·       Equipped with green spaces, large areas surround them on all sides.

Equipped with phone lines by a line for each building, either a card or currency, to facilitate the students 'and female students' contact with their families at any time

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