The Dean


A message from the Dean 

Dear students,

In so many ways the profession of nursing touches people’s lives and profoundly impacts the well-being of our communities, our nation and beyond. We would like to welcome our new students to the nursing program in Faculty of Nursing, Kafrelsheikh University, where learning facilities and career opportunities are limitless.

Dear students; I would like to emphasize that we all share the same responsibility, our ultimate goal being to enable you to attain ahigh professional standards. You should realize the difference between school life and faculty life. There, you depend on rote memorization, whereas here you develop independent thinking and are encouraged to be guided by your experiences and highly qualified tutors to become critical thinker; our aim of education is to enable you to learn and to develop your initiatives and creativity; you should have to work hard in order to earn your merit. Remember that that is your college. Enjoy the facilities it affords, but at the same time try to keep the college in good shape for future generations. Do not squander its resources.

May I ask God to help you to achieve your goals for the service of your country; Egypt.                            



 Maha  Abo Gazia   - Dean, Faculty of Nursing

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