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Medical biochemistry is one of the most important, most advanced and developed basic medical sciences. The department has a prominent role in teaching many curricula for students in medical colleges. This science is taught to students of the first and second teams in the College of Human Medicine, as well as students of the College of Dentistry, Physiotherapy, and Nursing

The Department of Biochemistry was established in the Faculty of Medicine at Kafrelsheikh University as one of the oldest departments of basic sciences in the Faculty of Medicine. Biochemistry is concerned with studying the basics of the biological processes that occur within the human body in cases of disease and health. This science integrates with other basic and clinical sciences in the study of many pathological disorders

About the department

The Department of Medical Biochemistry occupies the left wing of the second floor of the Faculty of Human Medicine building. The department contains 4 laboratories equipped with visual education and chemicals and is intended to receive students. In addition to a room equipped for mini teaching. The department also contains a research laboratory that is equipped for postgraduate students in addition to the preparation room.