Study Plan for PhD


The duration of the study is two and a half years (five semesters starting after enrollment in the degree.

The total requirements for obtaining a doctoral degree are not less than 60 credit hours distributed as follows

·         The first part:

One semester: 8 credit hours and includes the courses that serve the specialization branch, provided that they are determined by the degree-granting department, and the help of other concerned departments is used to coordinate and participate in teaching and exams.

·         The second part

          (The second, third, and fourth semester): starts with the beginning of the second semester, and success in the first part is required in full, and lasts for three semesters, with 36 credit hours.

·         Thesis: its duration is (4) semesters: 16 credit hours, and the research project (protocol) is recorded at the beginning of the second semester, and it is not discussed until two years after accepting its registration from the date of approval of the College Council, provided that it succeeds in the second part of Ph.D.


Each department determines the academic courses, the clinical or practical training program, and the percentage of credit hours for each of these courses and activities separately, provided that they are approved from the College Council.