Admission Requirements


1- The student must have a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery from one of the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt that is subject to Egyptian Universities Regulation Law No. 49 1972, or holders of academic degrees that have been equivalent from the Supreme Council of Universities with at least a good general grade after making sure that they fulfill the conditions for enrollment in studying the required program

2. That the student has spent the training year.

3. The resident doctor in one of the university hospitals, as well as the demonstrator in one of the departments of basic medical sciences, have the right to apply for enrollment for a master's degree in the semester following his employment.

4. The doctor of the Ministry of Health and other health authorities, the third doctor, the free doctor and other non-resident doctors are entitled to apply for registration for a master's degree in one of the clinical branches.

5. The number of doctors (other than resident doctors) who are allowed to be registered is determined according to an annual plan for each department.

6. Preference is made between applicants according to the cumulative total of degrees obtained by the doctor in the university degree. In the event of equality, a doctor with a diploma in the specialty is preferred. In the case of equality, a doctor with a higher degree in the subject of specialty is preferred.

Required Documents

1- Enrollment request

2- A bachelor's degree showing the general grade and the grade for the subject of specialization

3- Certificate of passing the compulsory training year

4- Birth certificate (electronic)

5- A copy of the national identity card after reviewing the original

6- Employer approval for registration and full-time study

6- Military service condition (for males)

7- 6 recent photographs (white background)