Message from the Dean



Message from the Dean

Dear students,


            The Faculty of al-Alsun came as a civilisational leap to enlighten the Nile Delta. ITC revolution is making the world a global village. A single word could travel across the world in a matter of seconds. Learning languages, therefore, has become a bare necessity to keep abreast of what is going on in our increasingly small world.

          Learning a new language helps us network with other cultures, and this enriches our personal experiences and makes it easy to build relationships with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Learning a new language also gives access to job opportunities, sharpens creative mental faculties, enhances logical thinking skills and broadens our horizons. 

          Today, language graduates play a key part in combating the negative stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims. They bear the burden of fostering cultural dialogue by participating in the forums and platforms that try to bridge the cultural divide between nations and peoples of the world. Those graduates thus represent their countries around the world.

          Finally, welcome to your home faculty. I advise you all to keep up the good work to make your dreams come true. Be positive and tolerant throughout.  



Abdulhamid A. Gallab, PhD

Dean, Faculty of al-Alsun

KFS University     


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