Supreme Council of Universities Inspects Faculty of Artificial Intelligence

Today Thursday 4/7/2019, the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives the committee of the Supreme Council of Universities to inspect the facilities of Faculty of Artificial Intelligence. The committee includes Prof Dr Arabi Kishk, member of Computer and Information Sciences Sector committee and the General Prof Dr Gouda Ismail, delegate member of Military Technical Faculty and member of Administrative Control Body.

As well, the committee inspects the departments, labs and facilities of the faculty to make sure of the availability of material resources and human cadres in preparation for starting the study in the academic year 2019/2020.

Furthermore, it praises the constructional level, equipment, infrastructure and its conformity eith the required standard specifications, while it recommends the efforts made by the University, represented by its President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary.

Prof Dr Maged el Kemary mentions that the equipment of Faculty of Artificial Intelligence has been completed; adding that advanced teaching styles will be used in the faculty to be established according to the latest international standards by providing them with smart classrooms and interactive devices.

As well, he explains that the establishment of Faculty of Artificial Intelligence represents a unique model and a great addition to this qualitative specialization and constitutes a qualitative leap forward in the development of the study in the field of information technology, stressing that the university administration seeks to move towards globalization and competition by providing an innovative learning environment that contributes to enhancing student creativity, increasing their participation, and preparation them for future jobs and community service.