On 19 April 2006, Kafrelsheikh University was established by the Presidential Decree No (129). Historically, the nucleus of the faculties started with the establishment of the Higher Agricultural Institute in 1957 in Kafrelsheikh  governorate, affiliated with the Ministery of Higher Education. In 1969, the institute was transferred to the Faculty of Agriculture, affiliated with Alexandria University. The faculty was annexed to Tanta University after its establishment in 1973. In 1977, the Faculty of Education was established, and the Faculty of Specific Education was established in 1988. In the beginning, Faculty of Specific Education was affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education, then by the Ministerial decree No 1187, it became affiliated with Tanta University. In 1922, a branch of the Faculty of Engineering was established. In 1997, a branch of Faculty of Physical Education was established.

     When the Republican decree was issued to transfer Kafrelsheikh branch to an independent university and the branches of the faculties became faculties.  All faculties of the university are located in Kafrelsheikh governorate. In 2009, the Faculty of Science was established by Republican Decree No 123. 

      In 2011, the Republican decree was issued to appoint Prof Dr Maged el Kemary as the President of Kafrelsheikh University. Since his appointment, many scientific, health and service faculties have been established.

     In 2013, the Faculties of “Pharmacy, Fisheries, Medicine, Nursing and Physical Therapy were established. Besides, the student hospital was established to provide the appropriate health service for the treatment of students inside the university to avoid the difficulty of traveling to receive treatment in Tanta. The Faculty of Dentistry was established in 2014.

      In 2015, the Faculty of Computers and Information was established, then the Faculty of Al Alsun (Languages) was established in 2016 and Nanotechnology and Sciences Institute and the Institute of Drug Discovery and Development were established  in 2017. In 2018, both the  Faculty of Law and the Technical Institute of Nursing were established.  The Faculty of Artificial Intelligence was established in 2019 .  The total number reached 19 faculties and 3 research institutes.

     According to the approval of the Supreme Council of Universities in its session on 9/3/2013 and the item No (1) of the article 307 of the Executive Regulations of Universities Organization Law, the university hospital was established with a capacity of 450 beds. The hospital was fully operational in 2016.

     The University has leapt clearly in the rapid development of research activities, post-graduate studies  and the quality of academic and research programs until it became one of the most prominent Egyptian universities in excellence in education, scientific research and community service, which has  made it easy to cope  with the developed countries via the  first strategic plan which focused on the restructuring and reengineering the university architecturally and academically, the completion of its structural , human and academic facilities and the establishment of the  research laboratories , excellence centers within the faculties with a high degree of technology to set up  scientific basis as one of the basic priorities for development. This has led to an increase in the dissemination of scientific research of staff members in the international scientific journals worldwide with effect coefficient.

        The second strategic plan focused on excellence in education, scientific  research and paying attention to the future sciences such as nanotechnology and science and artificial intelligence to keep up with the scientific and scientific changes successive worldwide  according to policies related to the needs of the community, in addition to paying attention  to  the aesthetic values within the university and the establishment of many facilities supporting for the educational process; there are  many infrastructure projects of drainage, water, electricity, sidewalks, green spaces and waiting seats as well as the maintenance, development and improvement of all old university facilities buildings, labs, auditoriums and student housing with the provision of all necessary requirements for the development of human cadres and programs, with the expansion of postgraduate studies in different disciplines to improve the efficiency of the performance of the university institutions to ensure a global competitiveness that will qualify the university for accreditation and gain community confidence

        Despite the short age of the university, it was able, with the help of Allah, to take a firm step towards universality and to create a distinctive identity after it provided the necessary elements for success. 

      The university won the title of the best Egyptian university in the 2018 President El Sisi Competition and ranked No 601 in the world in British Times Ranking, and No 151 in Shanghai Ranking in the specializations of Veterinary Medicine. Besides, the university ranked the second locally and in Africa at the level of Egyptian universities, the fourth in the Arab World and ranked 137 globally in the international ranking “Green Eco-friendly Universities" in 2018. In 2019, the university achieved advancement in the British Times ranking of universities with economic and social impact on the society, and ranked No 101-200 at the level of the Egyptian universities. 

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