Kafrelsheikh University, the Best Egyptian University

Dr Khalid Abed el Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, announces that Kafrelsheikh University has won the first place for the Best Egyptian University in 2018 under the patronage of the President Abed el Fatah el Sisi during the events of world youth forum and the participation of more than five thousand males and females from 160 countries around the world, while Assuit University comes in the second place and Mansoura University in the third place in this competition.

From his part, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary thanks the political leadership of the country, headed by the President Abed el Fatah el Sisi, for his continuous and effective guidance for the promotion of Egyptian Universities and its youth, hope of tomorrow and future leadership.

As well, he also thanks the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and all those who have contributed to this achievement from the Minister of Higher Education and Minister of Planning as well as the committee formed to choose the best university as it follows realistic, logical and measurable criteria. Prof Dr el Kemary expresses his thanks for all staff members, employees, students and all members of Kafrelsheikh University who made a great effort for the promotion of the university to this supreme stage and considering it a guiding model. The winning of Kafrelsheikh University of the Best Egyptian University is the culmination of efforts of all university family. It was a hope and dream of all sons of Kafrelsheikh governorate and become reality that needs more effort, thought, work and support to maintain this distinct status.

The formed committee for choosing the best Egyptian university has set several criteria for evaluating universities, including infrastructure: in terms of readiness of classrooms, laboratories and training places, the aesthetic form of the university, academic level: in terms of scientific publication, the proportion of students to faculty members, the university website, the university’s ability to manage its own resources to cover its expenses, communication between students and staff members, material, social and medical care, students’ activities offered by students, regularity and discipline of the study, the university’s contribution to the service of community service and development of surrounding environment.