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Kafr El Sheikh University






Director of the President's Office


  office 0473109592

Mobile: 313 – 115

Secretary of the President's Office

Mobile: 01019029271
 fax : 0473109591 

Public Relations Department


Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

Mobile: 01090466399

Planning and Follow-up

office:0473109563 Mobile: 01009335205 

Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Mobile: 01017524003

Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development

Mobile: 01017524003

University Secretary-  Dr. Ali Sabri Suleiman

   office :  0473109587  Mobile:  01002847490  fax :0473109588 

Office Manager of the Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

internal:304 – 118
land line: 3109584
fax: 3109584

Office Director of the University's Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research

internal:306 – 116
land line: 3109586
fax: 3109586

General Administration of Cultural Relations

land line: 3109565

University Assistant Secretary for Financial Affairs



Mobile: 01006365102 

University Assistant Secretary for Administrative Affairs


office : 0473109599


Mobile : 01068834660

 موبايل : 01001655651

Scientific and engineering colleges


faculty of Agriculture
Dean of the College :3109524/College Secretary:3109521/Graduate Studies :3109525/environment and society :3109523/Affairs education:3109522/the accounts:3109573
College of Engineering
Dean of the College :internal:3109533-land line:3109529/College Secretary:3109535/Graduate Studies :3109531/environment and society :3109536/Education Affairs:3109530/the accounts:3109570
College of Science
Dean of the College : 0473109528
College of Fisheries and Fisheries
Dean of the College: 0473109551
Faculty of Computing and Information
Dean of the College :0473216685

medical colleges

College of Veterinary Medicine
Dean of the College : 0473231311
faculty of Pharmacy
Dean of the College : 0473109557
College of Human Medicine
Dean of the College : 0473109517
College of Physiotherapy
Dean of the College :0479104452
College of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery
Dean of the College: 0473109548

Humanities and Education Faculties

Faculty of Education
Dean of the College : 0473223415
college of Literature
Dean of the College : 0473211853
Commerce College
Dean of the College : 0473109905
College education quality
Dean of the College : 0473109509
Faculty of Physical Education
Dean of the College : 0473211856

Organization and Management

Mobile: 01001655651 – 116

Education and Student Affairs

office:0473111697 Mobile :01018051551 

Youth Care

office: 0473212075مMobile : 01002847490

University cities

office:0473111785Mobile : 01092656689

Postgraduate studies and research

Mobile: 01004902573

scientific and cultural relations

office:0473103565 Mobile: 01022033752


Mobile: 01003747120

Legal Affairs

Mobile: 01016088657

financial and administrative guidance

Mobile: 01064158033

engineering affairs

Mobile: 01006565590