Mechatronics Systems Engineering

Mechatronics systems engineering is the field that links mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and computer and control engineering.

The need for this complex specialization arose with the multiplicity of systems in which these aforementioned engineering fields share and are closely related to each other, which requires the engineer’s good knowledge of all these fields and how to interact with each other to obtain the best performance and design in light of the high competitiveness that characterizes global markets, high efficiency and the best price are decisive factors in the success or failure of products.

If we take modern cars as an example of the relationship between these different disciplines, we will see that the engine, suspension systems, brakes and transmission are all mechanical systems, but the control of fuel injection and brake distribution on wheels EBD (electronic brake force distribution) is done through a control system (electronics engineering) linked to sensors to know Vehicle condition, road condition and decision making (computer engineering and control) based on this information and all these systems are linked and work in coordination and harmony to achieve the best performance on the road.

There are many systems that represent a shift in the world of engineering technologies, the most important of which are mobile robots, which include ground and air robots (drones) that have many military uses such as combat robots or used in reconnaissance work as well as civilian robots that have many uses such as search and rescue work to assist people in performing daily tasks such as cleaning, arranging stores, assisting the blind and other uses, many of which have been implemented and many of them are still under development. These systems certainly cannot be studied in one discipline.