About Us

 About the Department of Foundations of Education:

       Department of Fundamentals of Education is one of the scientific educational departments of the Faculty of Education - Kafrelsheikh University, this department was established with the establishment of the College in 1977 headed by the late Galilee Professor Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ismat Mutawa Professor of Fundamentals of Education, and includes a selection of faculty members of graduate degrees (Professor - Assistant professor - teacher), and also includes a staff (teaching assistants and assistant teachers) representing a contemporary extension of the Department's thought and future directions.

     The Department of Fundamentals of Education is concerned with the qualification of the student teacher educationally, through a set of courses that enrich the aspect of the educational and professional preparation of the teacher, and also specializes in the preparation of researchers in the fields of research in the fields of education and its precise fields, through various graduate stages and various programs.

      It also enriches the educational knowledge of the scientific production of faculty members represented in scientific theses, educational researches and intellectual literature ,,,,,,, and others, in addition to holding conferences, scientific seminars local, regional and international training courses and workshops that serve the educational process and address various educational issues . The department also performs its roles within the College in defining the College's policies and strategic plans and contributing effectively in its management and implementation, and outside by contributing to the provision of educational services and consultations to individuals and educational institutions.