Symposium about Public Service Law at the Faculty of Arts


Under the patronage of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, a symposium is held at the Faculty of Arts within the university symposiums for the students of the final years today Monday 27/2/2017 to explain the law of public service and the importance and establishment of community service in cooperation with the Directorate of Social Solidarity at Kafrelsheikh.

As well, the seminar discusses that the public service is a national duty played by youth of two sexes from the graduates of universities and high institutions (females in particular, and males who are more than needed of the armed forces or are exempted from the military service) for one year in one of nationalist fields which are in line with the developmental needs of the state such as (literacy, family planning, productive families, educational services and child services……..etc) to face the problems and social phenomena to create the spirit of the organized university work and to mobilize the youth energies for the service of community with the provision of required human needs for the fields of different fields and skills needed by labor market as the performance of public service is a fundamental justification of the appointment requirements.

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