Scientific Degrees and Promotions for Staff Members


The university council has agreed under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary on Monday 29/8/2016 in its monthly session to grant scientific degrees and promotions for staff members in different faculties as well as grant PHD in veterinary medical sciences for three researchers:

1)      Dr Siham Mohamed Khalil el Assas, specialism “animal production”

2)      Dr Hasan Hasan Mohamed Kasim, specialism “Bacteriology, fungi and Immunology”

3)      Dr Marwa Ibrahim el Morsi Shalabi, specialism “Bacteriology, fungi and Immunology”


·         The council agrees to grant Master’s Degree for 20 researchers in veterinary medical sciences and they are:

1)      Haneen Abed el Kader Gazy, Genetics and Genetic Engineering

2)      Alaa Magdy Hassanein el Jabari, Physiology

3)      Amira Abed el Wahid Ahmed, Bacteriology, fungi and Immunology

4)      Dalia Mamdouh Antar Ismail, health control on meat and its products

5)      Hanaa Ibrahim Abed el Halim el Saka, health control on milk and its products

6)      Nesreen Abed el Hamid Mohamed el Saied, Physiology


·         Master’s Degree in Arts:

1)      Hisham Ali Abu el Naga Ali, Medieval History

2)      Abed el Hamid Mohamed Abed el Mageed Zaalouk, Islamic History

3)      Sara Gamal Abed el Gawad Abed Allah, Islamic History

4)      Wael Mustafa Mahmoud Youssef, Historical Geography

5)      Mustafa Ragab Gazy Ali el Balasi, Historical Geography

6)      Naglaa Mahmoud Mohamed el Morsi, Egyptian Antiquities


·         Master’s Degree in Agricultural Sciences:

1)      Ashraf Abed el Fatah Ali Shafiq, crops

2)      Abeer Mohamed Mohsen el Hili, Genetics

3)      Ahmed Khalid Mohamed Mansour, animal production


·         Master’s Degree in Education:

1)      Ghihad Mustafa Karam Darwish, curriculum and teaching methods “educational media”

2)      Mohamed Fathi Mahmoud Abed el Aziz, mental health

3)      Eman Goma Abbas el Qadim, mental health


·         Master’s Degree in Sportive Education:

1)      Amira Ahmed Subhy el Maria, curriculum and teaching method “art education”


·         Master’s Degree in Accounting, the Faculty of Commerce:

1)      Ghada Hamdy Mohamed el Shik


·         The council agrees to appoint the following in the position of professor:

1)      Dr Mohsen Abed el Fatah Ghali “the Faculty of Science”, department: Physics, specialism: quantitative electronics


·         Appointing the following in the position of assistant professor:

1)      Dr Walid Magid, Preventive Medicine Department, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

2)      Ahmed Morsi Abed el Gawad el Maslamany, Health and Preventive Medicine Department

3)      Dr Hala Mahgoub Khidr, Philosophy Department, the Faculty of Arts

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