Judgment and Discussion Committee for the Researcher Ahmed Ramadan Gazy


Curriculum and Teaching Methods Department council agrees on November 29, 2015 to form judgment and discussion committee for the researcher Ahmed Ramadan Gazy as the following:

1)      Prof Dr Adel Ibrahim el Bana, the professor of curriculum and teaching methods (head and supervisor)

2)      Prof Dr Mohamed Ibrahim el Dousouky, the professor of Education Technology, the Faculty of Education, Hilwan University (external discussant)

3)      Prof Dr Abed el Gawad Abed el Gawad Youssef, the head and professor of Curriculum and Teaching Methods Department (internal discussant)

The research title:

(The Effect of the Interaction between Instructional Control Techniques and Navigation Types in a Hyper – Media Program on Achievement and Developing a Word Program Skills among Basic Stage Students) 

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