Judgment and Discussion Committee for the Researcher Mohamed Abed el Latif Abdu


Zoology Department agrees on Sunday 29/3/2015 to form judgment and discussion committee for the researcher Mohamed Abed el Latif Mohamed Abdu


The research title:

     (The inhibiting effect of neoplastic lesions in mice using some plants and plant extracts)

It is formed as the following:

1)      Prof Dr Nora Fatah Allah Ganim, the professor of Histology, zoology Department, the Faculty of Science (supervisor and internal discussant)

2)      Prof Dr Samaa Mohamed el Saeed Bakr, the professor of Genetics, Zoology Department, the Faculty of Science (supervisor and internal discussant)

3)      Prof Dr Nabila Ibrahim el Dousouky, the professor of Tissue Chemistry, Zoology Department, Tanta University (external discussant)

4)      Prof Dr Mishel Fahmy Saad, the professor and head of Physiological Department, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (external discussant)


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