Judgment and Discussion Committee for the Researcher Taha Ibrahim Hendawy


Educational Psychology Department council agrees to form judgment and discussion committee for the researcher Taha Ibrahim Mohamed Hendawy for getting PHD in education (specialism: educational psychology)

The research title:

(The effectiveness of training program on some strategies of self-organized learning to improve attention and memory for gifted children with learning disabilities in the first episode of the basic education stage)

Judgment and discussion committee is formed as the following:

1)      Prof Dr Nagy Kasim el Damanhoury, the professor and the head of Educational Psychology Department, Alexandria University (head and supervisor)

2)      Prof Dr Nosra Abed el Mageed Galgal, the professor emeritus of educational psychology (supervisor and discussant)

3)      Dr Kawthar Qotb Abu Qora, the assistant professor of educational psychology Department (discussant)

4)      Prof Dr Sadaa Ahmed Abu Shakhaa, the assistant professor of Educational Psychology Department (supervisor and discussant)