Judgment and Discussion Committee


The faculty council agreed on Sunday 9/6/2013 to form judgment and discussion committee for the researcher Nisreen Ibrahim Ahmed Hussein to be granted Master's Degree in education (specialism: education fundamentals) by a thesis entitled " A Proposed Conception for Future School Teacher’s Roles in the Light of Future Challenges".

It is formed as the following:

1)    Prof Dr Essam el Deen Ali Hasan Hilal, the professor emeritus of education fundamentals (supervisor, discussant and head).

2)    Prof Dr Samir Abed el Hamid el Qotb, the head and prfoessor of education fundamentals department (interior discussant).

3)    Prof Dr Mohamed Ibrahim Atwa Mogahid, the professor of education fundamentals department, Mansoura University (external discussant).

4)    Prof Dr Amira Abed el Salam Zaid, the assistant professor of education fundamentals department (supervisor and discussant).


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