Judgment and Discussion Committee


The faculty council agreed on Sunday 14/4/2013 to form judgment and discussion committee for the following:

1)     The researcher Marwa Mohamed el Saied to grant Master's Degree in education (specialism: educational Psychology) by a thesis entitled  "The  Effectiveness of a Training Program for Improving Working Memory Performance for Dyslexic Children in Pre- School" as the following:

A)    Prof Dr Khairi el Mogazi Baidair, the professor of educational psychology and the dean (discussant and head).

B)    Prof Dr Nosra Mohamed Abed el Magid Jaljal, the professor and head of educational psychology (discussant).

C)    Prof Dr Hanim Abu el Khair el Shirbini, the professor of educational psychology in the education faculty and the head of Psychological Science in the Faculty of Kindergarten, Mansoura University (discussant).


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