Teachers and Third Millennium Challenges


Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary; the vice president for postgraduate studies Prof Dr el saied hegazi; the dean Prof Dr Khairi el Mogazi; the vice dean for postgraduate studies and research Prof Dr Mohamed Ibrahim el Monofi and the head of education fundamentals and seminar head Prof Dr Samir Abed el Hamid el Qotb, semiar entitled " Teachers and Third Millennium Challenges: opportunities and options) was held on 13 March 2013.

The themes:

1)    The formation of teacher: philosophical vision and intellectual tends.

2)    The teacher and future of education system in Egypt.

3)    The faculties of education and rebuild of teacher.

4)    Third Millennium Challenges and Arab education crisis.

5)    Arab competition in the field of teacher preparation.

6)    The development of teacher preparation by E-learning.

7)    Opportunities and options of third millennium.

8)    Educational institutions and the building of educational philosophy for teacher and his/her training.

9)    The teacher and rebuild of Egyptian human.

10)  Preparing teacher and keeping up with quality and accreditation standards.

11)  The teacher and educational change leadership.


The fees:

·         400 pounds by a research inside Egypt.

·         300 Dollar by a research from foreign and Arab countries.

·         150 pounds by a research from inside Kafrelsheikh.

·         100 pounds for participation without research to get symposium publications and fee includes research of arbitration and publication costs as well as seminar book.

·         Fees are paid by Egyptian pounds or dollar by the name of:

Prof Dr Samir Abed el Hamid Kotb, the head of education fundamentals department and seminar head


The terms:


1)    The last day for acceptance of researches is on 10/1/2013.

2)    The research is presented in 30 pages of three copies and CD until 10/2/2013 as well as it should be written by computer by Word by 2000 single distance. Writing system is 20 cm (length) and 13 cm (width), writing Pont should be Simplified Arabic. The titles should be 14 (width) with margin 2.5 cm in four areas.

3)    Researcher will pay for every extra page ten pounds or ten dollars.

4)    The official language of symposium is Arabic, but researchers can be represented by English.

5)    Abstract and research should be sent through Email.


The address:

Arab republic of Egypt, Kafrelsheikh, the faculty of Education

Prof Dr Samir Abed el Hamid Kotb, the head of education fundamentals and symposium head

Fax: 0020473223415

Mobile: 00201289003052

EMAIL:  samiralkotb@hotmail.com


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