The Faculty Council Decisions


The faculty council agreed on Sunday 11/11/2012 the handout from the vice dean for the affairs of education and students about separating the students of first year from the primary school teacher’s rehabilitation program because they exceed the number of failure as the following:

1)    Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed el Tayyar

11) Wagiha Shaban el Saied

2)    Jamal Mohamed Abed el Kader Khidir

12) Wafaa Ibrahim Ismail

3)    Reda Hasna Miligi Abed el All

13) Ismail Hussein Abed el Gaid

4)    Reda Sarhan Zidan

14) Thanaa Abed el Latif Ali

5)    Azoz Mohamed el Bayomi

15) Reda Mohamed Redwan

6)    Fouad Mohamed Mohamed Saied Ahmed

16) Ramzia Abed el Rahman Ismail

7)    Fawzi Gabashi Magid GAbashi

17) Zaki Masoud Ibrahim

8)    Mohamed Mahmoud Abed el Maqsoud

18) Subhi Ahmed Mohamed

9)    Mosaad Anwar Ismail

19) Alaa Ramadan Mohamed

10)  Hesham Ibrahim Ismail

20) Magda Mohamed Abed el Rahman