The Department of Oral Medicine & Periodontology& Oral Diagnosis& Oral& Maxillo-Facial Radiology is one of the most important clinical departments in the College of Oral and Dental Medicine and Surgery. It includes student's education, scientific research and community service in the specialties of oral medicine, diagnosis and periodontal disease. The department aims are:

1-  Teaching and training students at the fourth level how to diagnose various oral diseases by taking information from the patient and performing the necessary clinical and laboratory examinations to reach to the diagnosis of the disease.

2-  Early diagnosis of periodontal diseases such as periodontal pockets, gingivitis and tumors, using the advanced diagnostic techniques.

3-  Teaching and training students at the fifth level how to treat various oral diseases and how to prescribe the appropriate drugs for each disease.

4-  Teaching and training students at the fifth level how to treat periodontal disease to preserve teeth and reach healthy gums while making patients aware of the importance of oral health and its effect on general health.

5-  Treatment of gingivitis and receding gums, starting from the removal of various local factors (Plaque and calculus) to the advanced operations in periodontal disease (Flap- Regenerative techniques- Mucogingival and Plastic surgery- Gingival surgery- Crown Lengthening).

6-  Setting a strategic plan for scientific research in the department to determine the priorities of scientific research in the field of oral medicine, periodontology and diagnostic methods consistent with the vision and mission of the faculty with the participation of the department's faculty members.

 This department is one of the main departments necessary in all hospitals and medical colleges and it consists of several units that include different radiation devices such as regular x-rays, dental panoramas, CT scans and others. The department aims to teach and train students at the fourth level on how to photograph the teeth and their supporting tissues, as well as the jawbone and how to ensure the diagnosis of oral and dental diseases. As well as teaching students the types of radiation that can be used to photograph the teeth and choose the appropriate method for each case and everything that is modern in the science of oral radiography