The department aims to achieve the following objectives:

Prepare specialists in the field of information technology and networks, and provide qualified people with theoretical foundations and methodologies that allow them to compete globally in the development of computer and information technology.

Conduct scientific and applied studies and researches in the field of information technology that have a direct impact on the integrated development of society.

Provide consultations, scientific and technical assistance to organizations and entities that use information technology and networks and are interested in the components of this technology.

The rehabilitation of graduates from different colleges according to the needs of the labor market in the modern fields of information technology, networks, and multimedia by holding application diplomas.

Deepen the knowledge of the use of information technologies in the sectors and institutions of the state and increase the efficiency of their use through professional training courses.

Participate with the specialized entity to develop and localize IT software, networks and applications.

Organizing seminars and holding scientific conferences in order to deepen the concepts and raise the scientific level among the specialized cadres.

Concluding scientific agreements with the corresponding organizations and institutions at the local, regional and international level in order to exchange experiences and conduct researches related to IT disciplines.

Proposal to establish specialized units for specialized and advanced research in the field of information technology.