Vision & Mission & Objectives

 The Vision

Continuous development and upgrading of the quality and effectiveness of scientific educational and research in the field of animal and fishery production to achieve graduates the highest levels of customary and skills and linking scientific research plans with development plans of the State to deepen the concept of research and development.

The Mission

Qualifying specialized and distinguished cadres of agricultural engineers and researchers in the field of animal and fishery production for undergraduate and graduate stages capable of competing in the local and regional labor market and qualified to meet the requirements of continuous development to serve the community and the development of the environment.


The department aims at two sections of the specifications of the graduates of the Department of Animal Production in order to suit the requirements of the local labor market and the graduate should be able to:
1. Demonstrates knowledge and awareness of livestock management under intensive production systems and small farms.
2 - Application of different technologies in the field of reproduction and artificial insemination in farm animals.
3. Good planning for genetic improvement of different breeds of farm animals.
4- Producing the market requirements of various animal products with high quality such as meat, dairy and fish.
5 - Understand modern concepts of the foundations of animal nutrition and fish.
6. Knowledge of epidemic, endemic and common disease prevention programs.
7 - Using scientific modern concepts for localization and development and cultivation of new species suitable for breeding in farms.