Dairy Sciences Department contributes as an applied department.  Its main concerns can be concluded in the preparation of scientific cadres of specialists in dairy sciences and some applications of biotechnology Many of the graduates of the department joined as lecturers in different Egyptian universities or researchers in different research centers,  The study was developed to keep pace with the development and break down the barriers between different sciences to ensure keeping up with the international culture that is concerned with the comprehensiveness of the application of science and not limited to only one approach .

The department is carrying out many researches and dissertations and has participated in many local and international research projects and conferences that are concerned with the agricultural field in general, including dairy sciences applications . The department is currently interested in establishing and developing advanced and accredited laboratories in actual dairy science field's applications to serve graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty members and their assistants at the college, university, research centers and local community.

The department provides students with the industry keys of dairy production that is the main source to improve the dairy industry in Egypt. And helps them to be eligible students after graduation to work projects in the field of specialization or work in factoriesmajor and/or research institutions and universities, The department is interested in cooperating with private sector companies in training students, solving producers' problems and linking civil society to the university.

The scientific structure of the department is concentrated in the fields of dairy chemistrymicrobiology and technology. Courses have also been developed to focus  on nanotechnology and its applications in various dairy fields.

The department is also interested in organizing specialized training courses in the basics  of dairy technology , and scientific writing .

A number of students from the 4th grad of dairy department in 2017-2018 won the first award in the scientific research competition for students in the University Youth Week.

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