Vision & Mission & Objectives

 Department Vision

Leading and to become a distinguished department with high international competitiveness through conducting advanced research studies and modern educational programs in the field of agricultural and biological systems engineering

Department Mission

To provide teaching and educational experiences of knowledge and skills of the courses taught in the department with the production of research with high competitiveness at the international level with the preparation and implementation of training courses for students and members of the society to contribute of the sustainable development in the field of Agricultural Engineering.

Department Objectives

1.    Development of research plans through the application of contemporary engineering technologies in agricultural production, natural resource management, environmental control, agricultural facility design, and food industry

2.    Developing teaching plans by applying quality and accreditation standards to develop student performance in perception, learning, and teamwork.

3.    Including the problems of the local society in research and study plans through the annual updating of academic courses to develop student's professional and mental skills.

4.    Encouraging researchers to research and innovate through discussion and constructive dialogue and help in decision-making in the proposed plans for societal problems solving to be a support in achieving Egypt's vision of sustainable development.

5.    Adding new skills to the graduate of agricultural engineering as requirements for the local community to use in the areas of added agricultural development and the establishment of new modern societies.