The Department of Entomology at Kafrelsheikh University (KSU) is one of the top five entomology programs in Egypt. We offer two graduate degrees in Entomology; Ph.D. and M.S. In addition, undergraduates at the University of Kafrelsheikh may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Science in plant protection with an emphasis (major) in Entomology. We also offer a number of individual courses that fulfill requirements for students across a variety of majors.

Insects and their relatives are the most abundant animals on earth, are commonly found in all habitats, and are essential in maintaining our ecosystem. The field of insect science encompasses the agricultural, biological, and environmental sciences related to insects and their interactions with humans and other organisms.

The Department of Entomology is dedicated to providing education, research, extension, and professional development for all of its students, staff, faculty, and other stakeholders.



Undergraduate Studies

The department of Entomology at KSU has a long tradition of excellence in undergraduate education in entomology. With over a million species, insects are the most diverse terrestrial organisms on the planet; moreover, insects arguably have a greater impact on human health and well-being than any other class of organisms. These impacts mean that the science of entomology has applied aspects that are not always easily accommodated within traditional life science boundaries. Graduates in our Entomology program can find entry-level positions in research at universities or in research centers, development and technical sales in agrochemical, seed, and biotechnology companies, in experimental stations, museums, corporate farms, in integrated pest management consulting firms, in sanitary inspection service and in other non-governmental agencies. As well, an undergraduate concentration in entomology is excellent preparation for admission to graduate programs in entomology and allied disciplines as well as for admission to professional programs.

The faculty within our department and in our graduate program have historically been extremely supportive of undergraduate research. This is an outstanding opportunity for motivated students and we pledge our support to accommodate their interests, which, as entomologists ourselves, we understand and relate to with great enthusiasm!


Graduate programs

The Entomology Graduate Program, administered through the Department of Economic Entomology, offers two research degrees. The MS and PhD degrees require students to conduct research leading to the writing of a thesis (MS) or dissertation (PhD).

Our Entomology faculties are known for their commitment to teaching and working with students. They are at the forefront of research in their areas and are national and international leaders in their fields in three primary research areas — Agricultural & Applied Entomology, Urban & Medical Entomology, Beekeeping, Acarology and Biological control.

Graduates of the Entomology graduate program may enter careers in academia, agriculture, public and private sector, pest diagnosis and control, biotechnology, and a wide variety of government regulatory agencies.

Program Mission

The mission of the Entomology Graduate Program at Kafrelsheikh University is to support and encourage the graduate students, and to provide them with state of the art learning, research, and outreach experiences that will prepare them to become scientific pioneers and leaders in Entomology.


All the best,,

Reda A. Ibrahim, PhD

Professor, Chair of Entomology department at KSU


November 27, 2021