Vision & Mission & Objectives


Excellence in field crop production and plant breeding.


     The department is committed to graduate an agricultural engineer in accordance with the national academic standards and meets the local  and regional needs of labor market in the field of crop production and plant breeding, scientific research and, community participation to apply sustainable development within the framework of values and ethics.


1- Cultivation and production of crops in old and reclaimed lands and development of cultivars that are resistant to different stress conditions

2- Breeding and improving field crops to increase the quantity and quality of crops from various field crops through traditional methods and / or using biotechnology.

 - 3 Raising the efficiency and developing the capabilities of staff  members and the administrative staff.

-4 Preparing qualified scientific cadres who have the ability to compete in the labor market in the sector of field crop production and breeding

-5 use the results of scientific research in solving agricultural problems facing farmers

-6 Increasing scientific and applied research published locally and internationally.

7- Study and use of modern technology in crop production.

- 8 Contribution in the national programs to promote important field crops.

9-Continuous development of academic courses to keep pace with modern scientific developments.

10- Improving the work environment and raising the level of performance.