Vision & mission & objectives


It is outstanding academic and accredited department and it has a local and international reputation in the academic and applied fields of pesticides science. In addition, it contributes innovatively in solving of environmental problems from the perspective of pest control.


It is committed to create outstanding alumni able to innovate and compete professionally in the field of pest control programs, taking into account the aspects of environmental safety and spreading awareness of the inhabitants in the same field.Through dissemination of good agricultural knowledge to improve the agriculture production and achieve Food security within a framework of progressive values.


Preparing an alumni capable of

5-    Apply good agricultural practices to increase agricultural production, whether by preventing or combating different pests.

6-    Use of agricultural inputs in line with the recommendations of specialized organizations in optimal ways allow good agricultural production.

7-    Design and implement pest control programs.

8-    Providing universities and research institutes with qualified alumni in the field of pesticide application.

9-    Dealing with management of factories in the field of pesticide formulations and pesticide analysis.


10- Preserving the natural resources and biological diversity of the environment.