"The Role of Intelligent Management in Fish Farming Systems" in a Workshop attended by the Representatives of Major National Projects and Fish Farming Areas.


Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky, President of the University; Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abd El-Al, Vice President for Education and Students’ Affairs; Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El-Hawary, Dean of the Faculty, and Prof. Dr. Radi Ali Mohamed, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, the Faculty of Fisheries organizes a workshop at the level of researchers, experts and people with experiences entitled "Smart Management of Fish Farms and Its Role in Raising Productive Efficiency", in cooperation with the "AQUA VET" Company for Fish Nutrition and Health Solutions, in the presence of representatives from all fish farming regions in Egypt, and delegations from the major national projects "Ghalion Pond, the Suez Canal, and the International Fish Center,"  Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nasr Allah, Director of the International Fish Center “Egypt Office”, and the advisors of US Soybean Export Council, Prof. Dr. Gamal El-Naggar and Prof. Dr. Diaa El-Kenawy.

Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Desouky, President of the University, announces the recommendations of the workshop, which confirms the organization of guiding seminars to raise farmers’ awareness about the optimal method of feeding according to the type of farmed fish and the age stage, “feeding strategies” and following best practices in all stages of farming, from pond preparation and water quality to harvest, in cooperation with the various scientific bodies in Egypt and the International Center for Fisheries.

During his speech, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim El Hawary, Dean of the Faculty, stresses the importance of holding seminars and workshops and their effective role, and presenting a developmental vision on managing fish farms and how to face new changes in fish farming.

Dr. El-Hawary adds that the workshop aims to provide a developmental vision on managing fish farms and how to face new changes in fish farming, to launch a working paper that shows some dark points about fish farming, and to clarify some ambiguous issues about managing fish farms in order to achieve legitimate profit for owners of these fish farms to preserve our productivity, a leading country in this field.

Prof. Dr. Rady Ali Muhammad, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, speaks about the importance of communicating the faculty and university with all organizations and bodies concerned with the development of the fisheries sector, as the university is one of the most important houses of expertise and a major side in helping solve the problems of the fish sector and the development of production through scientific research, providing consultations and conducting all analyzes and examinations through the Consultation and Continuous Technical Support Center.

Dr. Ahmed Hamza, a fish health and nutrition consultant and director of the Aquavet Company for Fish Health and Nutrition, explains that with the increase in the challenges facing the fish farming industry, the need for cooperation, development and exchange of experiences increases, and as a continuation of the Aquavet approach in working hand in hand with fish farmers to face the challenges and in cooperation with the Faculty of Fisheries at Kafrelsheikh University, an interactive workshop is held at the expert level, which is the first of its kind, entitled “Smart Management of Fish Farms.”

The workshop includes a number of themes, including a lecture entitled "Smart Management of Fish Farms and its Role in Raising Productive Efficiency" lectured by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Nasr Allah, Professor of Fish Welfare and Regional Director of the International Fish Center in Abbassa - Egypt, during which he deals with the most important and latest methods used in fish farming and fish farm management.

Prof. Dr. Gamal El-Najjar, Professor of Fish Nutrition and Consultant of the US Soybean Export Council, chairs a panel discussion entitled "Nutrition Management Strategies for Freshwater Fish" with the participation of Prof. Dr. Malik Mohamed El-Sayed, Professor of Fish Nutrition and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries, and Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Hamza - Ph.D. and Consultant for Fish Health, Nutrition and quality. The most important strategies used in feeding freshwater fish and managing fish farms are discussed in order to achieve the success of the farming process and develop it in line with modern changes.
 Prof. Dr. Riyad Hasan Khalil, Professor of Fish and Crustacean Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Alexandria University, and Prof. Dr. Rady Ali Mohamed, Professor of Fish Welfare - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries, discuss "nutritional management strategies for saltwater fish", the most important obstacles facing marine aquaculture and how to deal with them, and the optimal methods of the fish farm management process to produce high quality marine fish.




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