Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs


Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

Prof. Yahya Eid 



Dear my students,

        It gives me the greatest pleasure to welcome you at the official page of Faculty of Agriculture–Kafrelsheikh University. Your Faculty introduces various knowledges and skills during eight educational programs depending on the credit hours system represented in thirteen scientific departments. The study in our Faculty aims to the academic accreditation and graduate distinguished qualified agricultural engineer who has a great ability to compete in the job market. Development of financial and human resources is also aimed in the Faculty through three sectors of education and students, research and graduate affairs and community service and environmental development.

         Your Faculty includes characterized staff members and their assistances who contribute distinguished efforts in providing you with knowledges, cultures and follow up your university activities of various kinds to instill a spirit of loyalty and belonging to our beloved Egypt.

          God bless you all and benefit you the country and the people and pay your footsteps on the path.