The Faculty of Agriculture was established on July 1st, 1969 after converting agricultural institute to Faculty of Agriculture subordinated to Alexandria University, then joining to Central Delta University that converted to Tanta University. Now, after establishing Kafrelsheikh University on August 1st, 2006, the faculty was the first brick in this great edifice.

·         The faculty had in the first year of its establishment 1182 students

·         The ministerial decree No (3824) was issued on internal academic schedule (bachelor stage) by credit hours system according to:

A)    Kafrelsheikh University Council, according to the faculty council request, granted Bachelor degree in agricultural science in one of the following programs:

 1)      Plant Production Program

2)      Animal, poultry and fish production program

3)      Food sciences program

4)      Plant production program

5)      Agricultural bio-technology program

6)      Economic, social and rural agricultural sciences program

7)      Soils and water program

B)    Kafrelsheikh University council grants, according to the faculty council request, Bachelor degree in in agricultural engineering

C)    Graduation certificates were granted according to programs mentioned in article above and in case that the student chooses sub-orientation, this orientation will be added to main program in the certificate when graduation as following:





Plant production

Crops, fruits, flowers, ornamental plant, landscaping


Animal, poultry and fish production

Animal production, poultry production and fish production


Food sciences

Food technology, dairy


Plant production

Economic insects, plant diseases and Pesticides


Agricultural bio-technology

Genetics, agricultural microbiology


Economic, social and  agricultural sciences

Agricultural economy, agricultural guidance and rural community


Soils and water



Agricultural Engineering




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