Special News
Activation of the scientific cooperation in the field of Nano science between Kafrelsheikh university & Institute of Materials Science, Spain

On his side, H.E. Prof. Dr .Maged  ElKemary Kafrelsheikh university’ president  did a visit to Institute of Materials Science, Spain from 28th – 31st  January 2018 , these to have an overview on scientific activities of the Institute specially the technology of (Clean Room) which the Institute includes an area of ??200 square meters & includes state-of-the-art technical and scientific equipment which facilitate to conduct technological research in the fields of nanotechnology and photovoltaic devices ,  Electromechanical  , Electrothermal &  Biotechnology application which have economic benefits through establishment of  prime companies from  scientific  research outputs.

Prof. Elkemary added that currently, there is a processing of an executive cooperation protocol between Kafrelsheikh University & University of Barcelona, Spain aiming at provision of technical and practical expertise for construction of Clean Room at Nano Science and Technology Institute in addition to training of specialists to operate and maintain this (Clean Room) where applied research in nanotechnology and technology fields be will conducted.

Elkemary also, added during the visit an approval has been taken of conducting collaborative workshops for exchanging expertise  in the scientific fields with high priorities for both parties; and organization of  scientific meetings ,  information exchange & students  between the two Institutes for transferring scientific knowledge thus, through giving chance for scientific missions for assistants academic staff ,  exchanging of researchers in the fields of manufacture of microelectronics; renewable energy , collaborative scientific projects; in addition to   joining the Director of Spanish Institute to International Advisory Council to Nano Science & Technology Institute at Kafrelsheikh University.