Kafrelsheikh University is one of the most attractive universities worldwide. The University Campus is known for a unique location at Kafrelsheikh, modern buildings equipped with educational facilities and recreational and health facilities supporting the educational process, nutrition and accommodation facilities, sports stadiums as well as green areas everywhere, making it look like a resort or a tourist park, a university environment- friendly, stimulating for creativity and innovation and hope-maker.

The university has nineteen faculties and three higher institutes: five scientific faculties: Agriculture, Engineering, Science, Fisheries and Computers and information, in addition to seven health faculties: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Medical and Applied Sciences as well as Veterinary Medicine. The university also includes six faculties for humanitarian sciences: Education, Specific Education, Physical Education, Arts, Commerce, Languages and Law. Scientific institutes include Nano Science and Technology Institute, Institute of Drug Discovery and Development and Technical Institute of Nursing. The university has a hospital equipped with the latest medical devices to provide health service for all categories of society.

On the other hand, the university is proud of its undergraduate and postgraduate stages programs in many specializations to develop students’ skills to meet the requirements of labor market through a strategic plan that focuses on quality of learning and innovation in researches, enhancing the role of university in community service, supporting research abilities and paying attention to applied scientific research so that the university will be a distinguished expertise house for contractors and scientific consultation, which is implemented under contracts for the beneficiaries.




On April 19, 2006, the President of Arab Republic of Egypt issued a decree No 129 about establishing Kafrelsheikh University as an independent university including eight faculties after transferring the branches of faculties to university faculties.

First, practical faculties:

Agriculture, Engineering, Science, Fisheries, Veterinary Medicine and Computers and Information.

Second, Medical Faculties:

Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing and Physical Therapy

Third, Humanitarian Faculties:

Education, Specific Education, Physical Education, Commerce, Arts and Languages

Fourth, Higher institutes:

The university has three higher institutes: Nano Science and Technology Institute, Institute for Drug Discovery and Development, Technical Institute for Nursing, in addition to the university hospital with a capacity of 433 beds, 13 operation rooms and 63 beds for intensive care.

Kafrelsheikh University is currently witnessing an unprecedented development stage in its research, educational, and community service. The scene at Kafrelsheikh University emphasizes the university movements in all trends; the achievement of developmental leaps, during the past six years, is attributed to Prof Dr Maged Elkemary.

Kafrelsheikh University has become a beacon of science. It has become a university that is interested in teaching; scientific research and health through an ambitious strategic plan through which structural, academic and health achievements have been achieved as it has undertaken a leading experience in development and progress.

The university has taken serious steps to attain a prestigious position and high-level reputation to be the most distinguished in scientific research, education and community service by providing an environment appropriate to students, an academic environment aimed at sponsoring creativity, excellence and innovation in all fields. The university strives for excellence, quality and a prestigious position as it will remain a leader for change and a sign for progress.

Despite the modernity of the university, the expansion in the university exceeded all expectations. Kafrelsheikh University has been able to make leaps and obvious achievements in the field of higher education in a relatively short period.