Kafrelsheikh University in brief

1-      Kafrelsheikh University is one of the most attractive universities worldwide. The University Campus is known for a unique location at Kafrelsheikh, modern buildings with the latest international standards and equipped with capabilities, educational laboratories and supportive facilities for the educational, research and health process, in addition to outdoor playgrounds, Various indoor gymnasiums - restaurants - central library - conference center - Guest house – student housings - Student services center - Community services center - TICO - Entrepreneurship club - Wide green areas and open sporting parks, university and student hospitals, and the Entrepreneurship Center.

2-      The university has more than 100 basic programs for the undergraduate level in addition to 21 new distinguished programs and languages divisions that are in line with the needs of the local, regional and international labor market in addition to professional studies in some faculties for the postgraduate level and more than 350 postgraduate programs (diploma – master’s - doctorate)

3-      In 2022/2023, the number of students at the undergraduate level reached about 78,077 students, distributed among nineteen faculties. At the postgraduate level, the number of students reached about 8640 male and female students.

      The university is proud of the programs in the undergraduate and postgraduate stages in many disciplines to develop the skills of the university’s male and female students to comply with the requirements of the labor market, via a strategic plan that focuses on the quality of learning and innovation in research, enhances the role of the university in community service, and supports research capabilities and interest in applied scientific research in order for the university to be a distinguished expert house for contractual researches and scientific consultancy.

4-      There are 1,515 international students from different nationalities studying at the university (America, China, France, Nigeria, Mauritania, Sudan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Chad, and Morocco). ), and the university seeks to increase the number of international students.

5-     In each of the faculties, there are classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest teaching, educational and research technologies in accordance with the requirements of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education, as four faculties have been accredited, namely, the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Agriculture, and Engineering, while some faculties are applied for accreditation by National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education, and the rest of the faculties are being rehabilitated to obtain accreditation in order to support the educational and research process as well as community service, and as a culmination of the quality that the university provides in education for its students, the university has obtained 24 projects from the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology from the “My Project My Beginning” initiative for the students of Kafrelsheikh University.


Within the framework of the university’s interest in accrediting its faculties, the university obtained, in the past two years, 9 educational effectiveness projects to accredit the various faculties, in addition to the accredited laboratories, under accreditation, and the Center of Excellence, which contributes to increasing opportunities for international cooperation and the graduates of Kafrelsheikh University become the demand of the labor market inside and outside Egypt.

The university has taken serious steps to obtain a prestigious position and a high reputation, to be the most distinguished, in the fields of scientific research, education and community service, by providing a suitable environment for students, an academic environment aimed at fostering creativity, excellence and innovation in all fields, and the university strives towards excellence, quality and the prestigious position, it will remain a pioneer of change, and a title for progress.