Special News
Masr el Khair Institution

Within the support of cooperation among Kafrlesheikh University and society communities, a delegation from Masr el Khair under the authority of Dr Mohmaed Idris, the manager of health program in institution, visited the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary to discuss the executing mechanisms to activate cooperation between Kafrelsheikh University and Masr el Khair in different fields as the two parties launch a campaign “No for hepatitis virus c inside Kafrelsheikh University” to spread awareness among the students to prevent pathogens, know symptoms and means of treatment.

On the other hand, they visited faculty of Science to watch research laboratories, auditoriums and study halls and they expressed that they are prepared to provide some needs and equipments for students and research laboratories. As well, they expressed their admiration for university constructions and how the university is serious in using research for solving the problems of community.