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Ladies and gentlemen, visitors of Kafrelsheikh University (KFS) website

Welcome, I am pleased to review the next introduction about KFS with you.

In this century, the world lives in an era of global competition that stems from the ability of peoples to compete and develop the most precious and important resource, which is the human being. There are certain countries poor in natural resources have made huge economic and knowledge leaps depending on the development of human resources and the building of a knowledge society.

The new reality of higher education in Egypt requires universities to adopt future strategies through which they can achieve the future ambition of the state in building a knowledge society.

Based on Kafrelsheikh University's realization of the importance of strategic planning, a strategic plan has been drawn up through which it maps its future way in order to achieve global leadership in the educational process, scientific research and community service in a way that makes the university at the forefront of distinguished international universities that adopt knowledge economies and investment in the human mind, as well as It adopts community and global partnerships through which it achieves future visions and aspirations that lead to creativity and excellence, within the framework of Egypt's Vision 2030.

However, the preparation of strategic plans at the university level is not sufficient if it is not followed by a strategic planning process at the level of faculties, centers and all university units, to enable the university to achieve the goals it seeks and achieve its aspired horizons.

The university expects the strategic plan to contribute to improving the internal efficiency of the university, achieving the quality of its outputs, building an attractive environment for distinguished competencies, achieving the requirements of evaluation and academic accreditation at the local and global levels, and strengthening partnership between universities and various sectors of society.


Prof.Dr. Abdel-Razek Youssef A. Desouki

President of Kafrelsheikh University