An AUV that acts as a diver and retrieves bodies from the sea in the virtual world.



The incidence of drowning and the loss of bodies underwater is a significant problem that we encounter on a daily basis. In response, we have explored the use of augmented reality and the metaverse to develop a solution.

By using artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning, computer vision and the virtual world, we can complete the AUV with the form and characteristics required to achieve the main goal of the project, which is to reduce drowning accidents and save drowning bodies.

The AUV is able to identify the bodies of the drowned, using the model on which it was trained. After finding the corpse, the hook moves to grab a bug and take it out to the beach, thus reducing the number of lost corpses. Rescue drowning people before death if the drowning accident occurred in a place dangerous to divers. Preserving the human right to life and protecting his relatives from the pain of loss.

To implement this project, we had two solutions to resort to, but the choice was on the most accurate, efficient, and appropriate to the technology of the current era. The first solution, which is the traditional solution: create a prototype for the AUV at a cost without benefit. The second solution: is to create a simulation model for the AUV supported by all the required capabilities and introduce it into the virtual world, given that it is the future.